Week 3 Day 3

Hi BodyRockers!!!

As many of you guys know we had a bit of a technical issue with the site over the last 24 hours. We had to do some unschedule maintenance which ended up taking longer than expected and we were not able to update today :( What we have decided to do is just jump back a week and do last weeks workouts again so that we don’t technically miss a day of BodyRocking :) To get to the workout just click here.

We will be back on schedule tomorrow with Lisa’s killer Cardio, Strength and Power Workout and of course we have the 800 Rep Challenge and Sean’s Back & Biceps Workout to end the week on Friday :)

Lot’s of love & sweat on the way!

Keep Rocking!

Freddy, Sean & Lisa-Marie



Lisa-Marie’s  Scores:

Clean & Press using the Pink Sandbag – 18,20

Squat Leaps  - 34,33

3 Tier Push ups – 11,10

Reverse Pull Ups using the Dip Station – 23, 22

Squat & Press using the Pink Sandbag – 34, 32

Switch Lunge’s – 46, 41



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